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the wonders of animation

the wonders of animation

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Hi everyone! Our names are Simone and Miles and we run http://fuck-yeah-animation.tumblr.com/ :) Coincidentally we are brother and sister who happen to love animation very much. Go figure! We love all kinds of animation ranging from 3D animation to Traditional Animation to Stop Motion and everything in-between! Here we will be reviewing movies, shows, and video-games of course :) Nothing will be left out and everything will be brought in. We plan to learn as much as we can and teach others too! Thank you for reading :)

- The Dynamic Duo

Hi guys :) I know I have not been on in about a month or so, I think the last time I logged on was the day before my first animation class xD LET ME TELL YOU, ANIMATION TAKES OVER YOUR LIFE! IN A GOOD WAY :DDD Basically all I have been doing is drawing and sketching and animating and drawing and sketching and animating and drawing some more :) BUT I LOVE IT :) my animation class is more than I could ever ask for, the first day we watched animated movie clips and talked about stories and famous animators :) Seriously I was grinning the whole time and guess what!? There are only 3 GIRLS! 3!!!!!! out of like 15 guys lol xDDDDD I feel special :) ANYWAYS i love my class and i love college :) Also we are visiting blue sky studios soon :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD nfdjgbfjbgvjfdhsbvjfdhbsgjfdhdbjfhbgjfbjkfgnjkbngdjbkg!!! I might just cry. AND also when my final animation is up I’ll post it here :) So yeah life is good, I hope you guys are well :)<333 And I’m sorry again that we are hardly on here anymore, to be honest it might be like that for a while because it makes no sense blogging about others peoples work when I have my own to do :) So i just wanted to drop by and say hello <333333333

My first animation class is tomorrow :DDD




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